Bully Bloc is group of friends and alumni of Mississippi State University who share a passion for our university. Bully Bloc is a non-partisan political action committee committed to electing political leaders who will make sure that the interests of MSU and all of higher education are advanced.

Our membership includes alumni throughout Mississippi and outside the state. From MSU legends such as former Presidents Dr. Donald Zacharias and Dr. Roy Ruby, to current business and community leaders, Bully Bloc is growing fast – and we need you to be a part of it!

We are proud of the real difference that we have made in recent elections.
We were the first PAC to endorse and support Governor Bryant and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves in their winning campaigns. We activated our network for MSU alumnus Mike Taggert on the Mississippi Transportation Commission. We also supported Alan Nunnelee, in his successful campaign to become the first MSU alumnus to represent Mississippi in Congress since Congressman Sonny Montgomery.

Working with the Stennis-Montgomery Association, we encourage promising MSU students to become involved in politics and public service. We support their annual trip to Washington and hold student roundtables with our members who have served in government in Jackson and Washington.